Volaris Name Change/Correction Policy

Volaris Airlines Name Change Policy

Passengers must travel with accurate information, according to every airline. They might get into problems if the flyer contains inaccurate information that differs from the information on their identity cards that the government provided. Volaris name change policy, in this case, aids in their resolution. Passengers may use this policy to seek name corrections on airline tickets.

A set of instructions under the Volaris name correction policy educates travelers on how to alter the name on their airline ticket. It has outlined the circumstances in which a traveler may submit an application under this policy for name modifications. Continue reading to learn how it may benefit your upcoming travel with Volaris Airlines.

What Is Volaris Name Change Policy?

Volaris change name policy allows passengers to correct misspelled names or make minor changes to match government-issued identification. These changes must be made at least 4 hours before the flight departure time. However, substantial changes like transferring a ticket to another person are not permitted. Fees may apply for name corrections, varying based on the fare type and route. Passengers must contact Volaris Airlines name change Support number directly or visit a Volaris airport counter to request a name change, providing documentation such as a passport or driver's license to support the correction.

Volaris Airlines Name Change Rules

The Volaris Airlines name change policy contains instructions on how passengers can submit a name change request. 

  • Under name change Volaris, minor changes to the first, middle, or last name are permitted.
  • Up to four characters may be added to the passengers' first, middle, or last names. 
  • It is not possible for a passenger to transfer a ticket from one person to another under the Volaris name change policy. After that, the passenger would have to cancel and reschedule their initial ticket. 
  • Passengers may present official documentation to substantiate name changes brought about by marriage or divorce. 
  • In order to change their name on a reservation, passengers have two options: online or offline. 
  • Along with any fare disparities, the traveler will also have to pay $200 in non-refundable fees.
  • Typically, passengers are not allowed to change their names on Volaris. 
  • Adults are not allowed to give their reservation to an elderly citizen or a youngster. 
  • Name changes are not permitted if the traveler bought the ticket using digital credits. 

Acceptable Volaris Name Change Types

Certain kinds of name changes on the ticket are permitted per the Volaris name change policy. The following categories of name change requests may be approved in accordance with Volaris name correction policy:

  • In the case of marriage, a passenger may seek to have their name changed on their boarding pass. Subject to availability, the airlines will reissue the ticket for a comparable or higher-class service after receiving the request. 
  • For legal reasons, a traveler may change the name on their ticket. The client must provide the necessary legal documentation for this, including a new photo identity card with their current name and a court order. 
  • Correcting up to four characters from the middle, first, or last name on a boarding pass is permitted by the airlines. 
  • This airline's Volaris flight name change policy also allows the addition or removal of the incorrect middle name and last name from airline tickets. If you have two last names, you can also seek to have your name changed.

Documents Required For Volaris Name Change

For a name change Volaris, passengers typically need:

  • Government-issued identification (passport, driver's license) with the correct name.
  • Completed name change request form provided by Volaris.
  • Ensure documentation matches the new name on the ticket.
  • Contact Volaris Airlines name change Support number or visit the airport counter for specific instructions.
  • The name change must be requested at least 4 hours before flight departure.

How To Change Name On Volaris Ticket?

Volaris Airlines name correction policy offers many choices for changing the name on the ticket. Travelers are free to select any option from the methods listed below to correct a name:

Name Change Via Website

Using the Volaris name change online method, travelers may update the name on their ticket. Additionally, a customer should think about taking the subsequent actions to correct the misspelled name on the ticket:

  • To begin, go to the official Volaris Airlines website.
  • Secondly, navigate to the "My Trips" area of the website and choose it. 
  • Next, fill in the blanks with the accurate name and reservation number.
  • After, choose the appropriate flight from the flight list. 
  • Select Edit now, then make the required adjustments.
  • Next, if necessary, pay the Volaris name change fee.
  • After removing the inaccurate name of Volaris Airlines from the ticket, the airline will finally mail the updated ticket. 

Name Correction Via Call

If you want to talk to someone at Volaris and are attempting to alter your name. The Volaris Airlines name change contact number to call in that situation is +1 855 VOLARIS. Dial +1–866–738–0741 (24/7 Available number) to talk with a flight expert related to your queries.

Follow the instructions listed below to obtain a person at Volaris:

  • Call Volaris Airlines name change Support number to start the conversation. 
  • To speak with a person, then follow the IVR's instructions.
  • Subsequently, adhere to the spoken instructions and hit the appropriate key. 
  • Passengers may communicate with the live agent in a matter of seconds. 
  • Now, ask the person to get your flight name changed. 
  • Next, kindly provide them with the passenger's last name and your booking details. 
  • The agent will amend your name and verify your reservation. 
  • Next, if necessary, pay the Volaris name change fee. 
  • Soon, your registered mail will have your corrected name booking.

Name Rectification At The Airport

It's crucial to go to the airport early if you need to alter the name on your Volaris airline ticket on the day of departure. Tell the airline person your circumstance when you go to the check-in counter.

They will give you the relevant documentation and walk you through the steps to alter the name on your ticket.

How Much Does Volaris Charge For Name Change?

Changing the name on a ticket incurs costs from all airlines. In a similar vein, Volaris Airlines likewise requests payment from the traveler to amend the name. The Volaris name change fee is $0 to $400 or more. However, the kind of ticket, the destination of the travel, and other details are taken into consideration when calculating the cost of fees.

Tips To Consider To Avoid Volaris Name Change Fee

To minimize the possibility of Volaris misspelled name on your ticket, adhere to the following steps: 

  • To ensure accuracy and prevent Volaris name change costs, carefully input your name and other personal information when booking your ticket.
  • Make your direct flight reservation using the Volaris website or customer support avenues. 
  • Make sure the name on your reservation corresponds to the name on your identity documents.
  • If possible, get flexible or refundable tickets with more accommodating change options. 
  • Contact Volaris Airlines name change contact number as soon as possible. You have a greater chance of minimizing Volaris name change costs the sooner you take action.

Volaris Name Correction After Marriage Or Divorce

Volaris name change resulting from marriage or divorce are accepted by the airlines. There should be all supporting documentation for the airlines. In the event of a marriage, a certified copy of the marriage certificate must be filed. Divorce requires the airline to have official documentation in the form of court orders or other documents.

Legal name changes are also allowed by the carrier. This rule forbids name changes for anyone connected to fraud charges. In that case, as well, if someone wants to change their name, the airline will require a court decree to formalize the change. There are several methods to obtain the order, depending on the country or state.

How To Correct Volaris Wrong Middle Name On Airline Ticket?

To correct a Volaris wrong middle name on airline ticket, passengers should contact the helpdesk for Volaris Airlines name change as soon as possible. They may require providing documentation like a passport or driver's license showing the correct middle name. Fees may apply, and changes should be requested well before the flight.

How To Change Volaris Wrong Last Name On Airline Ticket?

Travelers should get in touch with the helpdesk for Volaris Airlines name change as soon as possible to modify an incorrect last name on an airline ticket. It could be necessary for them to present supporting documents, like a driver's license or passport bearing the right last name. Changes should be requested prior to the flight, and fees may apply.

Can I Transfer My Volaris Ticket To Someone Else?

Volaris name correction policy typically doesn't allow ticket transfers to another person. However, you can contact their customer service to discuss your situation and explore any available options or exceptions.

How To Talk With A Volaris Live Agent?

If you would like to discuss name changes with a Volaris representative directly, please call Volaris Airlines name change contact number at 1-855 VOLARIS. Dial +1–866–738–0741 (available 24 hours a day) to speak with a consolidation desk Volaris name change.

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