Aeromexico Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy

Aeromexico Name Change policy

Using the policy, passengers may alter their name on a plane ticket that has already been issued without causing any problems. When booking a flight, travelers make mistakes; this guideline will help them avoid typos.

Additionally, the policy will assist you if you need to alter your name due to legal circumstances like a marriage or divorce. Participating in the Aeromexico name correction procedure necessitates understanding eligibility, costs, laws and regulations, and more. Everything is on this page. Keep reading and try not to make too many mistakes.

What Is Aeromexico Flight Name Change Policy?

Air travel is undoubtedly exhilarating in some way. But what if there's a simple typo in your ticket's name, and it delays your travel? 

If the regulations allow it, they offer free name alterations on tickets within 24 hours of purchase. A change in name usually carries fees beyond this window, depending on the fare type and destination. To seek a Aeromexico name correction, travelers must visit Aeromexico's official website or call their customer care, bringing any necessary documentation, such as a passport or ID. Promotional rates, group reservations, and non-transferable tickets are not subject to changes. Depending on the circumstances, different name alterations have different costs and availability.

What Are The Terms & Conditions For Name Change Aeromexico?

The terms and conditions for Aeromexico change name on ticket can vary based on the ticket type, fare rules, and other factors. However, there are general points that often apply:

  • Restrictions on Name Changes: The airline typically allows name rectifications on tickets under certain conditions. However, not all fares or tickets may be eligible for name modifications. Some tickets might explicitly mention a no-name-change policy or allow changes for a fee.
  • Applicable Fees: If allowed, airlines usually charge an fee for changing the name on a ticket. This Aeromexico name change fee can vary depending on factors such as the ticket type, destination, and the time remaining until the flight.
  • Validity Period: Name alterations might be permitted within a certain time frame before the scheduled departure. Attempting to make changes too close to the departure date might not be allowed or incur higher fees.
  • Documentation Requirements: Typically, passengers requesting a change must provide valid identification and supporting documents. These documents may include a passport, driver's license, or other forms of identification.
  • Process and Contact: Changes in name are usually processed through Aeromexico's customer service or reservation centers. Depending on the Aeromexico name change policy, this can be done via phone, online, or at the ticket counter.
  • Ticket Type Specifics: Different ticket types (e.g., economy, business, flexible fares) might have varying rules regarding the policy. Higher fare classes or more flexible tickets might allow easier modifications than discounted or restricted fares.

How Many Types of Aeromexico Change Name on Ticket is Possible?

Aeromexico flight name change typically offers two primary types of name alterations on tickets, each with specific conditions and implications:

  • Minor Name Corrections: This type of change typically involves correcting minor errors in the passenger's name, such as spelling mistakes or small variations. Name correction policy often allows these corrections free of charge or for a nominal fee. Examples might include correcting a typo in the name or adjusting a shortened form to match the full name on the identification.
  • Full Name Changes: These changes involve altering the entire name of the passenger on the ticket. The policy usually does not permit full name rectifications, but they often come with stricter conditions. This might involve fees, documentation requirements to verify the passenger's identity, and limitations based on ticket type, fare rules, or the proximity to the departure date. Additionally, some tickets, especially those with restricted fares or promotional offers, may not allow full name corrections at all.

What Documents Are Required For Aeromexico Name Correction?

The most crucial thing is to prove your identity for the Aeromexico flight name change, which requires identification; thus, you must provide proof of identification. It must be a valid ID issued by the government that is displayed as proof. Passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and voter identification cards are, therefore, legitimate. Always have these on hand for any necessary corrections or modifications, no matter when or how you decide to make them.

How To Do Aeromexico Change Name On Ticket?

Passengers flying with Aeromexico Airlines have the option to amend or modify their name both offline and online. Online access entails using the official website, while offline access entails calling the Aeromexico name change number at the airport.

Change Name Via Website

Passengers can use Aeromexico name change policy to update or alter their name by visiting Aeromexico's official website. The procedures listed below can be used to modify your name on the official website.

  • Navigate to the official website of Aeromexico.
  • Enter your booking ID and last name to log in.
  • Head towards the booking details section.
  • Make the desired corrections.
  • Provide the supporting documentation.
  • Pay the charge, if applicable.
  • Once done, wait for the confirmation.

Aeromexico Name Change Helpline Number

Calling the Aeromexico name change contact number and requesting the same is another approach to request an flight name change. To confirm the modifications or adjustments requested over the phone, it is recommended that you sit down with all of your documents. It will greatly simplify, ease, and streamline the procedure. If the official hotline is busy, you can call a travel expert at +1-866-738-0741.

Name Alteration Via Mobile App

Passengers can also use the mobile app to request modifications or alterations. You must first download this app to your Android or iPhone smartphone and then log in. Navigate to the booking information now and make any necessary Aeromexico flight name change. Verify the modifications and pay the relevant charge, if any. After that, a new ticket will be created and mailed to you.

Name Correction At The Airport

Travelers can always go to the airport counter to ask for help from the staff members working there for Aeromexico name correction. It is essential to have all the necessary documentation with you at the airport counter of the airline. So that the personnel can appropriately assist you with the necessary adjustments and modifications. Professional staff members with training are available at the airline’s counter to offer guidance and assistance as needed.

What Is The Aeromexico Name Change Fee?

There is an Aeromexico Name Change Fee of approximately USD 200 for name alterations submitted online using a website and customer service hotline number. Modifications on the airport counter are limited, though. The approximate fee for name correction for spelling errors submitted online will be charged to you in the amount of USD 150. 200 USD is also included for name corrections made via the helpline number. However, modifications made at the airport counter are limited. 

Can I Do Aeromexico Change Name On Ticket After Marriage/Divorce?

Yes, Aeromexico name change policy typically allows name alteration on tickets due to marriage or divorce. They often accept these changes with the provision of supporting legal documentation like a marriage certificate or divorce decree. However, the process might involve fee and verification procedures. It's advisable to contact the helpline or visit their website to understand the specific requirements and procedures for updating the name on a ticket after marriage or divorce.

Can I Board With Aeromexico Wrong Middle Name On Airline Ticket?

Travel with an Aeromexico ticket if you board with the incorrect middle name may be severely hampered because little inconsistencies often cause big problems. It is advised, therefore, to make sure your ticket and identity documents match. Potential issues during check-in or security checks can be reduced by fixing the mistake in advance or bringing extra identification. 

How To Correct Aeromexico Wrong Last Name On Airline Ticket?

Prepare supporting documentation, such as a marriage certificate or court order, for significant changes brought about by marriage or for legal purposes. To help with the corrective procedure, describe the circumstances and provide the required paperwork. Aeromexico will walk you through its own processes, which, depending on the situation, may entail costs or rebooking

Can I Transfer My Flight Ticket To Another Person Under The Aeromexico Name Change Policy?

If the airline prohibits transferring ownership of the booking to a new passenger, you must cancel the flight ticket. Then, you'll need to make a new reservation rather than transferring it to another passenger of your choice.

Can I Correct My Typographic Errors Through The Aeromexico Name Correction Policy?

You may get your name corrected if it has any spelling mistakes by completing a name rectification request. If the request is submitted within 24 hours after the reservation, there won't be any fee. You will be responsible for paying the name correction fee and any relevant fare difference 24 hours after the reservation is made. Check the Aeromexico name change policy in detail for more information.

How To Correct My Inverted Name Through Aeromexico Change Name On Ticket Policy?

If you inadvertently entered your last name and first name in the incorrect sequence, you may change it while making a reservation. There will be an Aeromexico name change fee changing the name, though. Requests for name rectifications must be made no later than three hours prior to the planned departure time. It is not possible to change the flight's destination, date, or time. 

How To Contact Aeromexico Name Change Contact Number?

If you want to know the Aeromexico name correction policy with an official, please contact Aeromexico customer support number at 1-800-237-6639. Contact the highly skilled flight experts at +1-866-738-0741 to learn more about Aeromexico change name on ticket policy. However, occasionally, sporadic connectivity may make it difficult to reach the officials. They can help you with name modifications and corrections because of their contacts with the crew.

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