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Emirates change name policy

Emirates name correction policy knows that inadvertent mistakes are common, including typing the incorrect name or spelling it incorrectly while making a flight reservation. Hence, if you are a passenger on Emirates Airlines, you are covered by the name correction policy.

With Emirates change name on ticket policy, changing your name on a reserved ticket is as easy as following a few steps. This website will guide you through your choices for successfully and conveniently changing your name on your ticket.

What Is Emirates Name Change On Ticket Policy?

When your name appears misspelled on your trip itinerary, it might be rather concerning. However, you don't need to worry about airlines at all. By following a few procedures, you may quickly have it done in accordance with the Emirates ticket name change policy. One of the most established airlines in the Middle East, Emirates, is eager to help its customers wherever possible by providing them with upscale travel options worldwide. When booking an Emirates flight, it is occasionally evident that you have accidentally spelled your name incorrectly. 

What Are The Terms & Conditions For Emirates Change Name On Ticket?

Let's say you used an incorrect or misspelled name while purchasing your ticket. If you know about the Emirates name correction policy, then there is no need to change or cancel the itinerary. 

The rules and regulations of the Emirate's change name/correction policy are shown below.

  • Up to three or four characters can be changed in the first, middle, and last names by passengers.
  • Requests for name alteration must be submitted two hours prior to the planned departure time. 
  • The Emirates name change policy strictly prohibits giving your airline ticket to someone else or changing who owns it. 
  • Under specific legal circumstances, such as marriage, divorce, and adoption, airlines permit customers to alter their first and last names. 
  • If you are a frequent flier with Skywards, you are not able to change your name in any situation. 
  • The passenger's current PNR (Passenger Name Record) will be updated with the new name upon processing the Emirates change of name request.
  •  Emirates name change fee applies to any significant name modifications. 
  • A customer must reselect their seats and go through the check-in process after changing the name on their ticket. 

What Documents Are Required For The Emirates Name Change On Ticket?

Depending on the reason for the name rectification, additional documentation or fees might apply. For an Emirates change name on ticket, specific documents are generally needed, including:

  • Valid Identification: A government-issued ID or passport.
  • Booking Details: The original booking reference number and ticket information.
  • Supporting Documentation: Legal documents (like marriage certificates or court orders) in case of name change due to marriage, divorce, or legal reasons.

What Are The Types For Emirates Ticket Name Change?

There are many kinds of requests to have a misspelled name corrected. These include: 

  • Minor Name Correction: On flights operated by Emirates, you are allowed to change the initial, middle, and last four letters of your name.
  • Adding/Removing Middle Name: Travelers can change the middle name listed on their airline tickets. If the requested class is not available, the updated ticket can be for a higher level. 
  • Name Change for Lawful Reasons: In the Emirates name correction policy, a result of marriage, divorce, or adoption is seen as lawful. The airline requires you to provide supporting documentation. 
  • Adding Title/Prefix/Suffix: The regulation pertaining to changing the name of an Emirates passenger also covers the addition of titles, prefixes, and suffixes. Make sure your updated name, nevertheless, corresponds with the identity provided by the government.

How Can I Use Emirates Name Change Policy?

The following methods are available on the airline for changing your name:

Name Alteration Via Website

One of the easiest methods to request for Emirates name change policy is to go to the official website. The process entails the following easy steps:

  • Head towards the official website.
  • Go to the area labeled "Manage Your Booking."
  • Put the passenger's reservation number and last name in here. 
  • Tap on the option “Emirates Name Correction.”
  • Enter the exact name that appears on the identification that the authorities have approved.
  • Pay the applicable Emirates name change fee. 
  • After completing the Emirates ticket name correction request,  your revised ticket will be sent to the authorized person for issuance in a similar or higher class of services.
  • Within four hours, a passenger can receive their new ticket with a revised name on their registered mail ID. 

Name Correction Via Customer Support

Get detailed directions for fixing misspelled names by calling the customer service hotline as follows: 

  • Dial the Emirates Customer support phone number +1 800 777 3999 or +1-866-738-0741 (less waiting time) number of consolidation desk.
  • Hold on till the airline agent gets through.
  • When the agent connects, give them the specifics of your reservation and request for the Emirates name change policy.
  • You can only change up to four letters from your first, middle, or last name, just like the website approach.
  • Your name on the airline ticket will be corrected by the agent on your behalf. 
  • Give the validator the necessary supporting documents.
  • The airline will send you a confirmation after the request has been completed and issue a ticket with the right name on it. 

Emirates Skywards Change Name Through App

  • Open your Emirates Skywards account and log in.
  • To manage your account, click Manage.
  • Along with your updated information, provide the right name and any other personal data.

Name Alteration At The Airport

The airport customer service counter or kiosk machine is where you can request an Emirates ticket name change in addition to the website, app, and phone number. In this manner, travelers may acquire the necessary services straight from the customer service representatives at the airport. 

How Much Is The Emirates Name Change Fee?

The airline can charge you the Emirates name change fee when you change your name on a reservation. Up to 24 hours after the reservation, free revisions are accepted. Thereafter, a charge has to be paid. Let's find out the cost of the name correction:

  • Economic class - $120 (approx.)
  • Business class - $200 (approx.)

Please Note - The fees are subject to vary and are determined in accordance with the Emirates Name Correction Policy. Speak with a customer support representative for more information.

How To Do Emirates Skywards Change Name On Ticket?

For Emirates Skywards change name on ticket, contact customer service. Minor corrections due to spelling errors might be accommodated without fees. However, substantial name alterations or transfers typically require legal documentation like a marriage certificate or court order. Emirates assesses each request individually and may charge fees or necessitate rebooking based on the circumstances. It's crucial to directly communicate with the airline to initiate the name rectification process and provide any necessary documentation to ensure compliance with their policies and guidelines.

Can I Board Airlines Without An Emirates Ticket Name Change?

No, a passenger who has the wrong name on their ticket is not allowed to board as per Emirates name correction policy. You must amend or update your name on your airline ticket in order to guarantee a flawless travel experience free of problems. You may amend your name with Emirates Airline online, offline, over the phone, or at the airport, so you don't need to worry about the procedure. Each of the methods is practical and easy to use.

How Can I Update My Last Name On Emirates Airlines?

Prepare supporting documentation, such as a marriage certificate or court order, for significant changes brought about by marriage or for legal purposes. To support the corrective action process, kindly offer an explanation of the problem and the required paperwork. Emirates will walk you through their processes, which may include costs or rescheduling based on the situation.

Is It Mandatory To Add Emirates Middle Name On Ticket?

No, it's not mandatory to add a middle name on an Emirates ticket. While including your full name as per identification documents is advisable, Emirates doesn't require a middle name for booking. However, ensuring your name on the ticket matches your identification documents is recommended for smoother travels. Minor discrepancies, like the absence of a middle name, typically don't significantly affect boarding, but alignment with official identification is encouraged

Can I Call Customer Support For Emirates Change Name On Ticket?

For Emirates name change on ticket, use these quick and easy online ways or visit the closest airport before calling Emirates customer care.

To get in touch with officials of Emirates, call 1 (800) 777-3999. Call +1-(866) 736-0741 in the event that the official lines are unavailable or disconnected for any reason. Get in touch with the travel experts who are accessible around the clock to handle any reservation-related issues, such as name mistakes on the ticket. 

Note: Throughout Edqour, the content is designed solely to provide you with information regarding your individual flight policies and to assist you if you encounter any difficulties during boarding. It should be noted, however, that the Edqour team is not responsible for any actions taken by the official airlines.

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