Delta Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy

Delta airlines name change policy

In the aviation sector, changing the name on the boarding pass is a frequent occurrence. Many travelers submit applications to change their names for various reasons. Like any other airline, Delta Airlines is required by law to ensure that each customer travels under the right name.

Delta Airlines provides a wide range of possibilities under its Delta name correction policy, which acknowledges the importance of name correction. They streamline and expedite the name alteration procedure to safeguard the passenger's interests. As a result, a traveler won't become upset before asking for a change. 

What Is Delta Airlines Name Change Policy?

Delta Airlines allows name modifications on tickets for a fee and under specific circumstances. Name corrections due to misspellings or legal name corrections are typically allowed without a fee if done within 24 hours of booking. Delta may permit alterations with a fee for other changes or corrections, but significant name corrections or transfers to someone else are generally not allowed. Continue reading till the end of this page to understand the applicable fees and policies related to changes in the name on tickets.

What Are The Terms And Conditions For Delta Name Change?

The following are some important guidelines for the Delta Airlines Name Change Policy to take into account:

  • The Delta Airlines flight ticket may only have modest modifications made to it; it may have a maximum of three characters.
  • The Delta name correction policy is said to include changes in the Date of Birth and Gender.
  • Changes to the date of birth are permitted if an error was made when entering the information at the time of booking.
  • Only one correction per passenger can be made to their airline ticket.
  • Regarding Delta name change policy, other travel-related information, such as personal data or route details, cannot be altered.
  • The airline ticket cannot have any more modifications made to the station or dates.

What Are The Required Documents For Delta Name Change?

Submitting the following documents, depending on the reason for the name alteration, is essential when requesting a name alteration on Delta Airlines tickets. 

The documentation required usually consists of:

  • Government-issued ID or Passport: Provides the accurate name for validation.
  • Marriage Certificate: A marriage-related name correction requires this document.
  • Divorce Decree: Required if changing your name back to your maiden name after a divorce.
  • Court Orders: Generally, court orders are required for legal name alterations.
  • Notarized Statement: Occasionally required to certify the reason for the name alteration.

What Are The Types of Delta Name Correction Policy?

Delta assesses each case individually, and the Delta name change policy might vary based on specific circumstances. Here are the two main Delta Airlines name change types allowed by the airline:

  • Minor Corrections: These include fixing minor misspellings or initials within 24 hours of booking, often done without a fee.
  • Major Corrections: Changes beyond minor errors or alterations due to legal name corrections, marriage, or divorce may incur fees. Significant name modification or transferring tickets to another person is not allowed.

How Can I Correct Delta Misspelled Name On Ticket?

Delta Airlines has several strategies to allow for name changes to accommodate its customers' various demands. The Delta name change policy offers both online and offline options. You may use these strategies to correct errors in your name as well.

The following are the four main methods for updating or changing the name information on your ticket:

Method 1: Via Official Website

  • You must go to the website first, then find the "my trip" option on the front page.
  • To retrieve the reservation, enter the 13-digit reservation number or the 6-digit confirmation code with your last name.
  • Then press the button to alter your name. Now, check the box indicating the corrections you must make to your name. Remember that your name on your government IDs should match this one.
  • Up to three characters can be changed in a passenger's first or last name according to Delta name change policy.
  • To finish the name change/correction request, select the "Confirm & Save" option after submitting it.
  • You must then pay the change charge and any applicable fare difference at checkout.
  • Finally, after the payment has been completed, your confirmation email will be in your inbox.

Method 2: Through Customer Support

  • To change the name, all you have to do is call the customer service hotline.
  • Enter your 6-digit PNR/e-ticket number to access your reservation.
  • Since only spelling errors in charterers' names will be corrected, ask the representative to double-check the name.
  • For validation, you must also submit a copy of your passport or a picture ID approved by the government.
  • Travelers must pay the required fare difference and the Delta name change charge in order to proceed with the request. The reservation will be reissued in a lower or similar class, depending on availability.
  • After a transaction is finished, you will receive a confirmation on the email address you registered.
  • If the official helpline is unreachable, contact a travel expert by dialing +1-866-738-0741.

Method 3: At The Airport

  • Open the app on your smartphone and log onto the official airline website.
  • If applicable, provide the e-ticket, confirmation, or SkyMiles numbers.
  • Navigate to the "modify name" option by opening your trip information and following the on-screen instructions.
  • Use this feature to change or update the name on your Delta ticket.
  • Put your new name on your boarding pass and print it off.

The airport kiosk's simple operation spares travelers from going through the drawn-out process. For travelers, it is also accurate and efficient. Even though they are the least used approach, kiosks are dependable and flexible.

Method 4: Via Social Media Handles

  • First, visit the official Delta website to start the name correction procedure.
  • To view the social media accounts, go down to the homepage of the website. It may include both "Facebook" and "Twitter."
  • You can choose the argument that most persuades you about the ticket's Delta name change.
  • You might be able to post your inquiry about changing the name on your ticket once you have determined which social media platform you desire to use.
  • The traveler may hear back from the airline shortly.
  • Later on, you can provide the airline with certain papers so they can validate your personal data.
  • When a representative receives your documents, they may ask for payment.
  • A payment confirmation email will be sent to you once you’ve made it.

How Much Is The Delta Name Change Fee?

Small name adjustments, such as correcting typos, are free of charge. On the other hand, major name alterations like changing passengers or names after a divorce or marriage will cost you more money. The fare type and its limitations determine the cost of changing one's name. Make sure you confirm the terms and costs of making changes to a reservation after it has been made by calling Delta Airlines.

Delta Airlines name change fee can range anywhere from $75 up to $500 or more, which you have to pay. This varies depending on your class and travel plan.

What If I Forgot To Put Middle Name On Plane Ticket Delta?

Adding a middle name on your ticket doesn't bother Delta. In actuality, this is the simplest name modification they allow! Middle names may be added using the phone, the mobile app, the internet's "Manage Booking" area, or Delta's excellent texting assistance.

The passenger's name on a Delta ticket must exactly match the name on a legitimate picture ID. Although middle names aren't usually required, it never hurts to have the most precise name possible.

How Does Delta Change Last Name On Ticket Policy Work?

For substantial alterations due to marriage or legal reasons, provide supporting documents such as a marriage certificate or court order. Delta assesses each request individually and might require fees or rebooking depending on circumstances and fare rules. Direct communication with Delta is crucial to understand their specific procedures and ensure compliance with their policies for last name changes.

How Can I Initiate Name Change On Delta Ticket Due To Marriage?

As per Delta Airlines name change marriage policy, you can update the last name on your ticket to your spouse's last name if you were married and originally booked your trip under your maiden name. A marriage certificate must be shown as proof of this legal change in name. The passenger's last name may only be completely altered in this manner in the event of a marriage or divorce.

In the event of a divorce, you must have your divorce order on file as proof of the rationale behind the name alteration. These papers may not apply in other countries; they are applicable only in the United States.

How Do I Change My Name On Delta SkyMiles Account?

Yes, name modifications are permitted under Delta Airlines' SkyMiles program. However, you might require some legal paperwork.  The account name with Delta Airlines SkyMiles can be changed, and the following modifications are possible:

  • Using official identification documents, one may modify their DOB, gender, and other details.
  • With the appropriate paperwork, SkyMiles also permits name modifications brought about by marriage or divorce.
  • Additionally, you are able to ask for a middle name.

How Can I Contact A Live Agent For Delta Name Change?

You can contact 1 (800) 221-1212, the official Delta customer care number, to speak with a person about changing your name altogether. Dial +1-866-738-0741 a travel expert number if there's a lack of connectivity or trouble getting the live agent. For immediate assistance due to a marriage or divorce or having your Delta name correction on a travel ticket dial the above-mentioned number.

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