Allegiant Air Name Change Policy

Allegiant Air Name Change Policy

Humans make mistakes! This is normal, even when purchasing a plane ticket. Sometimes, while making reservations, travelers misspell their names, which creates a lot of boarding-related annoyances. Fortunately, passengers may correct incorrect names on their tickets according to Allegiant change name on ticket policy.

What Is Allegiant Name Change Policy?

Airlines permit name corrections on tickets but forbid forwarding them to another person. Change name on Allegiant Airline ticket are subject to a cost that varies depending on the type of ticket and when the change is requested. Name corrections must be done at least seven days prior to departure. Through phone numbers or in person at the ticket counter, passengers can correct typos or legal name modifications. Changes might not be allowed, though, for tickets that are promotional or that were acquired through third parties.

What Are The Terms And Conditions For Allegiant Air Name Change?

On their flight reservation, passengers can also request an Allegiant Air name change, which can include up to four character corrections to their first, middle, or last name. Additionally, prior to submitting a request for a name rectification, you should take into account the following significant factors: 

  • It is not possible for members of the Reward Club to change the name on their tickets. This situation would not fall within the aforementioned Allegiant name change rules.
  • It is not permitted for you to change who owns the ticket. 
  • The aforementioned airplane tickets would be forwarded for re-issuance when the name correction request was completed. The fare difference, if any, and the name alteration are your responsibility. 
  • Requests for name corrections are accepted from passengers.
  • In the event that your booking consists of numerous flight segments, the most limited Allegiant name change fee restriction will apply when executing a name correction. 
  • Once the request for name correction has been authorized, you must choose your seats and add any other necessities for your trip. 
  • Passengers must present a passport or picture ID for validation in the event of a legal name change marriage Allegiant Air or maiden name, divorce, or under any other legal duty. 
  • The name correction request would not be applicable on any flight segment other than Allegiant Air when a person has several flight segments, including segments with other carriers.

What Are The Types Of Allegiant Air Name Change Permitted?

The Allegiant name change request extends beyond simply changing the name on the reservation. In actuality, travelers may change a middle name, suffix, last name, or even their name altogether for various legal reasons. 

Here, we go over the many kinds of name rectification requests you may submit to the airlines, the associated costs, and how to approach the request in a competitive manner. 

Name Correction On Ticket

Up to four characters in the first, middle, or last name can be changed. The aforementioned request must be fulfilled by calling the airline's customer care hotline. The My Trip area offers an online option for name correction as well. The adjustment charge and any relevant fare difference will be requested from you. 

Add/Eliminate/Alter Middle Name

If the middle name is on your passport or any other government-issued picture ID, you can add it or change it to exactly match what is on the document. When making modifications, you would be required to present the identity document.

It would be necessary for passengers to pay the Allegiant name change fee. There can be fare variations. The only way to fulfill the request is to give the airlines a call.

Adding The Title/Suffix/Prefix To The Name

You are allowed to add titles, suffixes, and prefixes to your ticketed name under Allegiant Air name change policy. In addition to the fare difference, there would be a change fee.

The tickets would be provided in a comparable or superior service class. The aforementioned adjustment request can be fulfilled by contacting the flight executive of the airline. 

What Documents Are Required For Allegiant Air Change Name On Ticket?

Should there be a little misspelling in the name that has to be fixed, travelers may easily get it fixed using the airline's website. The airline does not require any legal documentation to be shown.

A certain kind of paperwork is needed for the procedure if there is a legal name correction or another important circumstance. These papers must be given within the allotted time frame in order to make the necessary modifications. In order to get your name corrected on your airline ticket, present these documents to the relevant authority:

  • Court orders
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce Papers
  • Adoption Papers
  • Legal Documents.

How Can I Change Name On Allegiant Airline Ticket?

There are several ways a passenger can alter their name through Allegiant name change policy. Read over the detailed instructions below for each option in detail.

Name Alteration Via Website

To submit your Allegiant change name on ticket request, go to the official website and follow the step-by-step instructions.

  • Visit the official website.
  • Navigate to the “My Trips.” section.
  • Enter your last name and six-digit confirmation code.
  • Choose the name that you wish to change.
  • In the designated field, type the correct name.
  • To verify your modifications, you will need to provide a copy of your passport along with any other papers that the government has authorized.
  • If your reservation isn't qualified for a free name alteration, you must pay the Allegiant name change fee.
  • Wait until you receive a name correction confirmation from the airline once your request has been processed.

Name Corrections Via Call

In order to speak with professionals regarding name correction on tickets, travelers can call Allegiant Airlines phone number (702) 505-8888. On the other hand, contacting agents using the official number can occasionally be difficult and stressful. Thus, call +1–866–738–0741 to talk with a travel expert and get your queries answered in minutes.

After calling the number, take the actions listed below:

  • Be patient till the representative answers the phone.
  • Inform them of the adjustments you wish to make to your name once they are linked.
  • The executive will want your last name and the code from your booking confirmation. 
  • They can ask you to cover the name correction fee while processing your request. (If relevant). 
  • Give them the court records that have your true name on them. 
  • They eventually carry out the requested modifications on your behalf.
  • Hold off until your ticket confirmation shows the Allegiant Air change name on ticket. 

Name Rectification At The Airport

Finding the wrong name on a ticket just before the flight is a scary experience. According to Allegiant Air change customer name policy, you have up to three hours before the planned departure to apply a name correction or change. If you have already checked in, you should have at least three hours to update your inaccurate name on the ticket at the airport. 

How Much Is The Allegiant Name Change Fee?

There is no name correction cost for a small name alteration to the first or last name. However, depending on your fare type, eligibility, and the time you are seeking it, a significant name adjustment that ultimately results in reissuing your ticket may entail certain particular name rectification charges.  

You must pay 225 USD plus the difference in fee for an Allegiant Air change name on ticket with up to 4 characters, as well as for altering your middle name. The name correction policy may charge you an additional 175 USD for the title, suffix, or prefix in addition to the fee difference.

How Allegiant Name Change Works For All Fare Types?

Allegiant Basic, Allegiant Bonus, and Allegiant Total are the three fare levels that the airline provides. Trip Flex, which lets you amend your airline ticket without incurring additional fees, is a feature of all three classes. The name-altering charge would not be applicable for tickets purchased via Trip Flex. 

Can I Change Name On Allegiant Air Due To Marriage Or Divorce?

Name alter policy permits passengers to easily alter their name on reservations and board in the case of a legal name change brought on by a marriage, divorce, or other personal circumstances. However, in accordance with name change marriage Allegiant Air requirements, valid identification and supporting paperwork, such as court orders in divorce cases and a marriage certificate, may need to be supplied for validation.

Can I Travel On Allegiant Airlines Without A Middle Name?

Yes, you can travel on airlines without a middle name. While providing accurate and complete information during booking is recommended, not having a middle name on your ticket typically does not affect your ability to travel. However, it's crucial to ensure that the name on your reservation matches the identification you plan to present at check-in and security. If you encounter any concerns, contacting customer service in advance can help address specific situations.

How To Do Last Name Change On Allegiant Air Ticket?

For Allegiant Air change customer name, contact the airline's customer service at least seven days before departure. Provide necessary details such as booking information and the correct last name. Name changes are subject to fees, and it's essential to review specific policies for accurate information. Visit the official website or call their customer service for precise guidance.

How To Call Allegiant Airlines Phone Number?

If you would need your ticket's name corrected, you can speak with agents directly at (702) 505-8888. Or dial +1–866–738–0741, a travel expert number, for swift solutions to your queries related to Allegiant change name on ticket policy. However, it can be challenging to get through to the official hotline number due to demand and poor connectivity. In that scenario, the agents can handle your name change appeals and board with ease.

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