How To Change Name On Delta Airlines Ticket?

How To Change Name On Delta Airlines Ticket

The rush to book a flight may result in errors. However, the most common error is to make a mistake with a name. If you booked your ticket with Delta Airlines, there is a complete, descriptive, and easy-to-understand Delta name change policy. While understanding the policy, you will learn how to change name on Delta Airlines ticket using different methods. Before diving in deep, let’s understand the basics of the Delta name correction/change process. 

Important Considerations About Delta Name Change Policy

Delta Airlines allows you to make corrections to your misspelled name on tickets. However, there are some set of rules and regulations that decides whether you are eligible to make amendments to your ticket or not. 

While requesting name corrections on your already booked Delta flight ticket, make sure you keep all the information below in consideration: 

  • Your flight must be operated by Delta, with tickets issued with the number 006.
  • According to the policy of Delta Name Change, a passenger can only amend their ticket once.
  • While changing your name, altering your DOB, gender etc are prohibited.
  • You can only edit up to three characters to your misspelled name. 

What are the Types of Delta Name Corrections?

Following are the most common types of Delta name alterations passengers may request 

  • Name change due to marriage/divorce.
  • Middle name correction/adding/eliminating.
  • Last name addition/corrections.
  • Correcting reversed first and last name.
  • Name correction due to other legal reasons.

Note - Make sure your name matches your government-issued identification. Also, the name correction process will require supporting documentation for validations. 

How To Change Name On Delta Airlines Ticket?

It is possible to rectify a misspelled or incorrect name on your ticket in several ways. You can either use the official Delta website, call the Delta name change phone number, or visit a representative at the airport.

Let's explore each method in greater detail and determine how flexible they are for passengers.

How to Use the Official Delta Website For Name Change?

Follow the step-by-step instructions below and learn how to change name on Delta Airlines ticket. 

  • First - Visit the official website of Delta Airlines.
  • Second -  Head to the “My Trip” section. 
  • Third - Provide your booking reference and last name. 
  • Fourth - Click “Next” to proceed.
  • Fifth - Choose your flight booking with the incorrect name on the ticket.
  • Sixth - You may be asked to upload the required documents if needed.
  • Seventh - Pay the name change fees if applicable. 
  • Eight - Once done from the experts end, you will receive the confirmation on your registered email.
  • Ninth - Once you receive the confirmation, you can download the new ticket.

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How To Change Name On Delta Airlines Ticket through app?

Another way is the Fly Delta App, which helps you make corrections to your misspelled name from anywhere in the world. Steps to make name correction using the Delta App are given as follows - 

  • First - Download the Fly Delta App on your device.
  • Second - Log in using your booking credentials.
  • Third - Go to “My Trips” 
  • Fourth - Select your flight booking to which you have to make name changes.
  • Fifth - If applicable, pay the name change fee. 
  • sixth - Once you receive the confirmation, you can download the new ticket on your device. 

How to Alter Name By Delta Name Change Phone Number? 

Apart from using the official website or an app, a passenger can use the offline method. They can dial the official name change phone number of Delta Airlines using the simple steps below. 

  • First - Dial the official name change number of Delta Airlines at 1-888-750-3284 or dial +1–866–738–0741 (less waiting) to talk with experts at independent travel support. 
  • Second - Delta professional will connect you on the call.
  • Third - Share your booking details with the agent.
  • Fourth - Tell them the reason to make changes/corrections with your name on the ticket.
  • Fifth - The agent will guide you through the whole process or will do it themselves.
  • Sixth - Provide all the supporting documents for validation.
  • Seventh - Pay the name change fee if applicable.
  • Eighth - You will receive the confirmation or updated e-ticket on your registered email ID.

How To Change Name On Delta Airlines Ticket At The Airport?

Passengers who cannot use online methods nor access the agent on the phone have only the option of visiting the Airport. 

  • First - When you visit the airport to make a name correction on your ticket, make sure you keep all the supporting documentation with you. 
  • Second - Visit the customer support counter and let them know your booking concern. 
  • Third - The representative will inform you about the eligibility and start the process.
  • Fourth - Once the process is complete, you will be asked to pay the charges if needed.
  • Fifth - Pay the fees and complete the process.
  • Sixth - Receive your updated and new flight ticket and board seamlessly. 


The purpose of this blog is to educate passengers about How to change name on delta airlines tickets. All the above-mentioned methods are easy to understand and can be used to make amendments to tickets. However, whenever you find yourself perplexed and need an instant solution regarding Delta name correction/change on a ticket, dial +1–866–738–0741 and talk to travel experts at the independent consolidation desk.

Note: Throughout Edqour, the content is designed solely to provide you with information regarding your individual flight policies and to assist you if you encounter any difficulties during boarding. It should be noted, however, that the Edqour team is not responsible for any actions taken by the official airlines.

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