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    Top 8 E-Learning Development Companies in India

    Top 8 E-Learning Development Companies in India

    As we all know, the concept of remote education has been a common existence in India and many other countries for decades. But the unfortunate invasion of a virus shook the global economy and introduced us to the digitalized version of every service around us. From food delivery to other essential products, we have been engaging in online shopping habits for years. But the education sector along with e-learning development companies in India has been reshaped after the global shutdown of 2020.

    The education sector has obtained quite the dominance over the last two years. It is certainly a corollary of these major transformations taking place in the digital world. Collective online learning is going to cross the mark of $240 billion by the end of 2022. With the rise of some of the biggest e-learning brands in India, e-learning websites and mobile app development services have also become the focus of this industry.

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    Whether you hunt for a software company in Delhi or any other region of India on Google, you will come across a plethora of results for the top e-learning design and development solutions. However, institutions and independent educators might find it difficult to hire the best e-learning development companies in India. Because there are so many choices on the web. To get you out of that selection dilemma, we have listed here the top e-learning website and app development agencies in India:

    1. Edqour E-Learning

    Located in Delhi, Edqour E-Learning is one of the most trustworthy IT companies in India that deliver all-encompassing online learning solutions for its nationwide clientele. Online assessment tool development and custom LMS design and development are some common solutions by technology experts on their team. When it comes to deploying a new online learning project, they head to accumulate essential stats and insights for the project.

    Edqour E-Learning is a unit of Trank Technologies which is a fast-growing IT and marketing company in New Delhi. Even though, the agency mainly provides website development and mobile app development solutions for its clients from different walks of life; e-learning design and development is an imperative aspect of their software design solutions.

    Aside from custom e-learning development services, you can also trust Edqour for online learning tools, technologies, scalable modules, video-based learning, mobile learning, online assessment tools, chat/poll system design, and online learning content design solutions.

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    2. Swift eLearning Services

    While searching for the best e-learning development companies in India, you will also come across Swift eLearning Services. Known for its collaborative approach and content design methodologies, the company specializes in customizing course modules for booming educational platforms. As an individual tutor and as a teaching institute, you can rely on this firm for delivering course deployment services right on time.

    3. Upside Learning

    If you are searching for leading e-learning development agencies in India for tailor-made LMS design services, then you can get in touch with Upside Learning. It is also known for building UpsideLMS which itself is a personalized learning management system. The company was established in 2004 in the wake of growing digitalization in the educational realm. Besides LMS, you can hire their team for tailored online e-learning development, mobile learning, online learning technology, and support services.

    4. Centre of eLearning and Training

    Centre of eLearning and Training or C-eLT is one of the most experienced e-learning design and development companies in India. In fact, this online learning development company is known for helping educational institutions that offer higher secondary tutoring services for students. Their tutoring design solutions encompass important subjects such as English, Science, maths, statistics, finance, and accounting. In addition to these services, their team of IT professionals is renowned for assisting major educational institutes in creating online courses hassle-free.

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    5. Zeus Learning

    While looking for the best e-learning development companies in India, you can also look up to Zeus learning. It is a Mumbai-based eLearning company that particularly designs and deploys software and courseware for schools, colleges, and professional institutions. As an influential e-learning development agency, the company has effectively elevated custom LMS and CMS development for seamless corporate training. In addition to e-learning design and development, you can hire the company for online learning mobile application design services.

    6. G-Cube Solutions

    G-Cube Solutions is one of those e-learning development companies in India that have been a part of the industry for two decades. That amount of experience is sufficient to reckon the scale of expertise and intricacy that their team can offer for your online learning projects. You can look up to the company’s resources not just for the technology part, but also for content design solutions.

    7. Shezartech

    Amongst the top e-learning design and development agencies, you will also get to explore Shezartech and its unique set of services. Founded two decades back in 2001, it is popular as the leading e-learning development firm in the world. This notion says quite a lot about the credibility of their team. Their prominent areas of e-learning tools and services include cloud-based learning, game-based learning, HTML5 conversion, and mobile learning. The best part is that their team always renders your requirements rather than imposing their decisions on e-learning projects.

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    8. Aims Digital

    It is one of the top software development firms. It is known for creating high-end online learning apps and modules for institutions. In addition to e-learning technologies and course personalization, the company can help you with authoring tools and tailor-made LMS solutions. Moreover, educational simulation software, video-based learning, mixed learning, and mobile learning are also covered in their services.

    Conclusion – Have you been working on a digital learning project lately? If so, then Edqour E-Learning is the spot for you. Counted among the top e-learning web and app development companies in India, the agency can assist you with your project throughout the complete process. For cost-effective e-learning solutions, get in touch today!

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