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    Personalized Student Information Management System

    Edqour brings forth a fully customized information system that can eliminate the need to invest hours of operation in managing student data.
    This custom tool is designed for institution faculties and independent educators in India.

    Student information system

    Optimal Management Module for Instant Data Access

    Did you know that faculties in schools, colleges, and higher institutions consume nearly 40% of their time in organizing students' details? Some of their roles include course adjustments, performance assessment, student history, information access, & whatnot. With so many chores on the table already, remote learning can be an ultimate labyrinth for teaching professionals.

    With our custom-built student information management system and online assessment tools, institution faculties and educators can streamline various functionalities associated with administration. It's an educational ERP platform that simplifies student enrollment, data maintenance, activity records, progress evaluation, and other functionalities involved in the process. It is a one-stop solution that instills accuracy and agility in numerous administrative tasks.

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    Features of Edqour SIMS that Corroborate Accuracy & Data Security

    Student information management system or SIMS is a multi-facet technology module that can induce revolutionary changes in the education sector. Check out the amenities of the SIMS e-learning tool available at Edqour:

    Fast & Fastidious Enrollment

    Fast & Fastidious Enrollment

    Our customized student data management tool lets you follow a streamlined method for student onboarding. It is designed with optimal scalability for online educators, schools, colleges, and institutes to help them save time during the admission process. This efficient SIMS module subjugates most of the administrative tasks during admission, so you can focus on reviewing students' profiles hassle-free.

    Accessible Record Maintenance

    Accessible Record Maintenance

    Managing classes and syllabus While maintaining students' records can be immensely chaotic, especially for independent educators. Our student information system allows you to store students' data on a secure integrated portal. This way, you will be able to access this record anytime and anywhere without being worried about data security. Think about all the time you will save with this feature.

    Easy Performance Assessment

    Easy Performance Assessment

    Performance evaluation is one of those aspects of the educational domain that thrive on correctness and precision. Our student information management system comes with an automated analytics tool and a custom dashboard for educators and institution faculties. This feature can effectively reduce the time consumption on performance assessment that can be utilized for other essential operations.

    Multi-Channel Communication

    Multi-Channel Communication

    Our custom-built SIMS tool is equipped with a multi-channel communication module that contemplates an easy communication cycle between teachers & students and teachers & parents. It was designed to eradicate the interaction gap that generates stagnation and lack of involvement from parents' end. Our developers scale this option as per the size and requirements of your institution.

    Benefits of Our Automated Student Information Management System

    Reduced Time Consumption Edqour SIMS is customized to subdue the challenges that faculties and educators confront in administration. With maximum functions of data management adapting to automation, educators can save a significant amount of time from their jam-packed schedule.

    100% Accurate Information With the number of students going on a hike, the accuracy of evaluation and data maintenance can go downhill. Our tailored student information management tool facilitates the maintenance of vital details such as students' history, online test assessment, and more.

    Uninterrupted Accessibility These easy-to-use customized tools can be accessed through different operating systems without any substantial disruptions. Our complete suite of learning automation tools enables an accessible passage that contemplates an obstacle-free teaching zone for educators.

    Automation & Transparency Edqour SIMS is customized to subdue the challenges that faculties and educators confront in administration. With maximum functions of data management adapting to automation, educators can save a significant amount of time from their jam-packed schedule.


    What is a student information management system?

    Student information management system is an integrated tool developed for educators to easily manage the data of hundreds of students. This automated system saves the administration time of faculties in institutions on a great level.

    How does the Edqour SIMS work?

    Edqour SIMS is an online learning solution software that can be embedded into a phone app or used independently to manage every essential detail related to the students. An individual educator or different faculty members can create their profiles on the tool and submit relevant student information to access the data in a systematic and convenient manner.

    Who can use this student information management tool?

    Edqour student information management system is created for online e-learning mobile apps, schools, colleges, and private institute owners. Anyone who teaches online through live and recorded classes can use SIMS and other custom-built tools offered by Edqour.

    Does the Edqour SIMS tool assure data security?

    Edqour SIMS is a well-tested application tool that respects and sustains the privacy compliance of crucial student data. It assimilates a robust layout of data security that protects the details of online learners from potential threats.

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