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    Edqour Online Assessment Software for Imperative E-Learning Evaluation

    Edqour assessment software is a custom-built e-learning tool that replicates the concept of conventional evaluation for digital dissemination of education. This adaptive tool is customized to empower the virtual classrooms with a ground-level sufficiency of improvement analytics that sustains the credibility of your e-learning platform.

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    Online Assessment Tool for Educational Institutions in India

    Despite years of technological advancements, the distribution of fundamental education remains to be an enigma for thousands of learners living in remote locations. Educators in India are making a diligent effort to provide an easy and comprehensive learning passage for such students. Our online assessment tool is created for those dedicated teachers and institutions of India.

    It is a standalone custom-built software that you can either implement in your existing portal or use independently to generate tests and assignments for your students. The core structure of this software allows institutional faculties to simulate the impact value of traditional classes. Using this e-learning module , you can develop mock tests, questionnaires, unit tests, etc., and generate accurate test results and improvement reports in a jiffy.

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    Prominent Amenities of Edqour Online Assessment Tool

    Our online assessment software is built with all essential features that effectively reduce the tedious task of test making and exam checking. The following aspects of our app let you focus thoroughly on the teaching part:

    Quick Navigation System for Users

    Quick Navigation System for Users

    The online assessment tool of Edqour unifies scalable navigation that educators can use to create online tests as promptly as they want. The extensive tool comes with immensely manageable access leading to unlimited test building in teachers' preferred languages and subjects.

    Streamlined Online Test Building

    Streamlined Online Test Building

    Our full-fledged e-learning platform saves you hours of technical efforts that you often invest on the internet while creating tests for your students. With this module, you will be able to generate online tests for multiple batches without hustling between your books and your operating system.

    Question/Answer Shuffling

    Question/Answer Shuffling

    Our online assessment test module lets you add as many questions to the test as you deem sufficient. You get to shuffle between questions, switch their answers, and edit them with a single tap. You can create questions of all kinds of subjects without worrying about special character implementation.

    Error-Free Report Generation

    Error-Free Report Generation

    Aside from generating tests papers online, you also get to evaluate the performance of your students using our highly convenient e-learning modules. With Edqour's online assessment tool, not only can you evaluate the performance, but also mark the areas that require improvement.

    Benefits of Edqour Online Assessment Tool for Educators in India

    Our online assessment platform is just as competent and coherent as traditional means of examination. Here’s how our online assessment & other e-learning technologies and tools help institutional faculties and private educators in India:

    Elaborate Platform for Teachers & Students - As an educator who diligently wants to make a difference, teachers can set the pace of tests and quizzes using Edqour's online assessment tools. Add as many questions as you want at your preferred frequency. This widely elaborate platform lets you assess as well as declare tests online.

    Multi-Channel Access to Tests & Study Material - The online assessment tool gives you a free passage to choose the data from existing study material and implement it in the test. You can easily add images and videos to your aptitude-based questions to analyze the functional growth of your students.

    Instant Online Exam Building on Any Device - You don't particularly need a desktop to generate online exams for students. A tab or a smartphone will be enough to create tests in multiple subjects and formats. Such test formation also prevents the occurrence of any malpractice during exams.

    Quick & Accurate Grading with Suggestive Feedback - The ongoing pattern of e-learning trends follows bloom's taxonomy that pertains to the gradual skill development of the learner. Edqour's online assessment module lets you grade exams and provide feedback for the needed enhancement.


    What is online assessment software?

    Edqour offers an online assessment tool for teachers in India that can automate the entire process of students' performance review with a few clicks. Educators can simply build a test module, add required questions, and make them available for on-boarding students.

    Which is better - Traditional Assessment or Online Assessment?

    In terms of significance, both traditional assessment and online assessment methods are on the same paddle. While the traditional ways consume a notable amount of time, online assessment techniques leave space for an enhanced landscape of e-learning. Online assessment is a useful tool that establishes a hint of reliability in your online education portal.

    How does an online assessment tool assists teachers in India?

    With an automated online assessment tool, teachers can create quick assignments and tests for reviewing the improvement of their students. Moreover, this tool also generates results based on the answers that teachers can access anytime they want.

    Does the online assessment software provide error-free test results?

    Edqour online assessment tool is a data-driven software that creates results according to the submissions made by students. Its functional structure assimilates customizability that always provides accurate outcomes based on the submitted information.

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