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    Edqour Chat/Poll System for Boundless Communication

    Edqour offers an online chat & poll system that resonates inter-personal communication between students and faculty to improve the various means of online education. It is the fastest way to deplete the lack of personalized interaction in virtual classrooms and boost the efficiency of online study sessions.

    Custom Chat & Poll System

    Custom Chat & Poll System for E-Learning Portals in India

    The ongoing state of online education in India isn't as reformative and robust as it needs to be. Certain prevalent challenges in the educational domain still affect the growth of a fully-development online learning platform. Online learning is not obscure, but the prolonged dependency on WhatsApp and other channels for frequent communication can result in an abject impact.

    With our fully customized online chat and poll system software, you can easily connect with hundreds and thousands of your students in different states of India. You can also utilize the poll feature and other e-learning modules for hassle-free user engagement that can efficiently lead to conversion and drive more students to your e-learning platform.

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    Features of Edqour SIMS that Corroborate Accuracy & Data Security

    Student information management system or SIMS is a multi-facet technology module that can induce revolutionary changes in the education sector. Check out the amenities of the SIMS tool available at Edqour:

    Real-Time Communication

    Real-Time Communication

    Our chat & poll system lets you pick up a conversation online on specific topics, queries, or exam-related problems. It enables teachers to converse one-on-one or with a bunch of students for real-time communication in a remote arrangement. At the same time, you can create and operate polls effortlessly.

    Personalized Tutoring

    Personalized Tutoring

    Edqour's chat & poll system is an immersive e-learning module that teachers can use to schedule special problem sessions for students. In addition to quizzes and polls, you can arrange tutoring chat sessions right before the exams and guide your students through their preparation.

    Subject-Oriented Discussions

    Subject-Oriented Discussions

    Several subjects can't be understood merely with theoretical representation and need to be explained with the help of a real example. Edqour chat & poll system facilitates a subject-oriented discussion in the chat. You can add a group of students and generate polls on any given subject.

    Performance Feedbacks

    Performance Feedbacks

    Edqour's chat and poll system capacitate educators to provide performance feedback to their students. Conventional methods of result sharing are rather flat and outstretched. On the flip side, online chat and poll system along with our online assessment tools grants a comprehensive view of the given performance evaluation.

    Benefits of Chat & Poll System for E-Learning Platforms in India

    Elimination of Frequent Phone Calls - Edqour's chat and poll system discard the need for hundreds of calls over the phone that consume most of your teaching time. A highly customizable chat system lets you embrace an easy communication channel that you can operate anytime and anywhere.

    Bustling Engagement with Learners - Active communication is the basic need of remote learning. With a dynamic channel like ours not only can teachers connect with their students conveniently, but also sustain a swarming engagement within the fixed circles.

    Manageable Availability - With our chat & poll system, educators can schedule live classes, online exams, and problem-solving sessions as per their availability. Edqour's automated communication module assists you in upgrading your educational methods with wase.

    Potential Interaction with Parents - Remember the days when you have to sit for hours while interacting with students and their parents after every evaluation? Our chat system lets you interact with learners and their guardians so you can maintain transparency in your educational practices.


    What is the Edqour Chat/Poll system?

    Edqour chat and poll system is an active communication tool that teachers can employ to build video lectures, live problem-solving sessions, and organize online meet-ups.

    Why should I use Chat/Poll tool on my e-learning portal?

    By applying a thoroughly optimized chat and poll system on your e-learning portal, you can connect live with your students and record those chats as video lectures.

    Who can use Edqour Chat/Poll System tool?

    Edqour chat and poll system can be used by schools, institutions, coaching centers, and independent educators across India.

    Does Edqour provide technical support for seamless tool configuration?

    Edqour has a dedicated team of technical support that offers 24 X 7 assistance for easy tool configuration and module implementation.

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