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    What Does the Future of Mobile Learning Look Like in 2022 & Leading Years?

    What Does the Future of Mobile Learning Look Like in 2022 & Leading Years?

    Mobile learning is nothing new in the educational arena. In fact, it existed even when online or remote learning wasn’t that popular. We have been reading suggestive and informative articles on the web to find out about new stuff. Moreover, the concept of watching tutorial videos has been among the users for a long time. Simply put, mobile learning is the oldest variant of online education, and it is going to flourish in 2022 and in upcoming years.

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    The education domain is transforming rapidly. E-learning tools and technologies are emerging every day. To keep up with these collective changes in this domain, educational enterprises and companies are adapting to the idea of e-learning. While some companies are waiting for this rising trend to pass, mobile learning will continue to stay in 2022 and afterward. In this post, we will take a demonstrative look at the future of mobile learning in India.

    Mobile Learning 2022 – A Look-Back So Far

    You must remember the time when mobile learning made its way into the mainstream media a decade ago. Using mobile phones during study or work was more of a felony at the learner’s end. In fact, mobile phones were prohibited in workplaces a while ago. But the year 2020 turned the corner for mobile users. Any substantial efforts to incorporate mobile learning in everyday practices seemed like a bad idea.

    It was a drastic transformation in terms of overall technology embrace when professionals decided to picture the benefits of mobile learning up to its maximum extent. At present, more than 50% of enterprises around the globe use mobile devices for training programs. The good news is that this change is here to stay for the long haul. Here’s why:

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    1. Undeniable Stability Due to Extreme Convenience

    No matter how far we come up with educational advancements, no learning means can top the convenience of mobile phones. Besides, even the global shutdown has made us believe the fact that any prospective learning solutions must resonate with external circumstances. It is important to make sure that our learning routine doesn’t fabricate chaos in everyday routine. Speaking of chaos, enterprises that always stumbled on the idea of face-to-face training have faced great challenges in the last two years.

    On the flip side, companies that quickly adapted to mobile learning techniques survived the remote situation. Firms that were already prepared for the change successfully protected their training strategies. Clearly, the training phase of company onboarding doesn’t have to be so meticulous. Mobile learning is one excellent method to distribute training modules among new joiners. It lets them learn about their job at their own convenience.

    2. Super-Advanced Mobile Experiences

    Your smartphone has become smarter in this current day and age. There is no possible way it can’t compete with your laptops and desktop devices. Both iOS and Android systems keep improving their interface each year with new features. The transformation of mobile phones in the last ten years is nothing but remarkable. You can store and navigate plenty of apps on your mobile and this is an advantage itself.

    Devices these days are impeccably interactive. A slight tilt or swipe can affect your actions on the mobile phone. A plethora of features in a single device is bound to deliver a fulfilling and all-inclusive experience. Education through a simple mobile device encourages learners to engage in training. Besides, we can expect more innovations in this mobile development and educational practices in the coming days.

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    3. Handy Choice for Working People

    A study conducted in the UK helped experts find major issues behind the declined interest in employee training. More than 60% of people were distracted by their everyday errands and hectic routine. This is one of the primary reasons why working people don’t indulge in skill development. We all are super-busy in work and daily activities. Our tight-knit schedule has made it impossible to even think about learning something new.

    Amazingly enough, people find time to splurge on social media. This might be a setback in some ways, but mobile learning trends in 2022 can turn the table for us. Well-planned gamification of e-learning platforms is the ultimate way out. Users that majorly use social media sites will be able to relate to the learning portal. Appealing modules will help them understand concepts in a fun and playful way. Just what people prefer these days!

    4. Cost-Efficient & Diverse Solutions

    A global pandemic has hit the economy across the world pretty hard. All businesses and institutions are adopting cost-effective ways to manage their operations. Many nations drastically dropped their GDP count in the last two years. In this prolonged spree, mobile learning 2022 trends will help enterprises embrace reasonably-priced tools and modules. In addition to budget efficiency, mobile learning technologies also offer diversity in terms of patterns and styles that simplify remote training and basic learning.

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    Final Thoughts – Edqour E-Learning is an all-encompassing platform where a team of ardent IT experts can help you with the mobile learning trends of 2022. We assist institutions and coaching centers looking to customize their tutoring strategies for batches to come. 

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