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    How to Choose the Best E-Learning Tools for Easy Tutoring?

    How to Choose the Best E-Learning Tools for Easy Tutoring?

    Online teaching is an excellent way to share your knowledge with the people who wish to move ahead in life with proper education. The 21st century commenced with impeccable innovations. Though, the digitalization of everything around us is a next-level approach towards a promising future for mankind. The global pandemic that emerged at the end of 2019 indeed was a nightmare for the world. But it brought the trend of online education to the surface. Even though remote education was a thing before, 2020 noted a significant rise of the best e-learning tools and various other platforms for simplified education.

    Online learning is a gift from technology and the internet. It brings teachers and students to one platform where they can communicate without any hassle. A suitable set of online education tools customized with scalability features can create an ecosystem where the dissemination of knowledge is sound and seamless. From individual educators to schools and large-scale institutions, everyone is heading to experienced tech professionals who can customize a platform for resuming the education that’s been at a halt ever since the shutdown came along.

    Edqour E-Learning is an online platform that provides a wide range of custom-built tools and technologies. Run by a group of industry experts, it is a one-stop place for every essential requirement your tutoring venture might face. In this post, we will list out some of the best e-learning tools. We will also discuss the right ways to choose these tools and how Edqour can help you with the selection.

    Video-Based Communication Tool (with Active Synchronization)

    The global shutdown brought video conferencing into prominence at the beginning of the year 2020. At that moment, people hardly knew that it will eventually become the future of education. An efficient video-oriented communication portal for virtual tutoring is the need of the hour for schools and coaching centers. Relying on WhatsApp or other video call options may not survive the pressure of scalability and proliferating classroom sizes. Hence, you will need a streamlined module of Edqour for online video communication with your students.

    Customized Learning Management System

    The recurring challenges of remote education are palpable. To conquer those obstacles, you should consider investing in custom LMS design and development solutions. At Edqour E-Learning, not only can you choose the best e-learning tools, but also sign up for bespoke services. We have a team of edtech development experts who can craft a unified digital space for your teaching sessions. Our e-learning design and development services include admin panel setup, customized reporting and training, online assessment, and much more.

    State-of-the-tech System for Uninterrupted Learning

    Tutoring is a daunting task and it’s even harder online. While independent educators can continue remote tutoring with a bespoke virtual classroom, institutions require a wider and more comprehensive scope of development. Other than a virtual classroom and an online assessment tool, several institutions also require a robust connected hub for their team of teachers for effortless online tutoring. A discreet portal for tutors can help the institute or the school distribute instructions, teaching notifications, and other details with no apparent hassle.

    A Separate Section for Homework Distribution

    Traditional teaching had its setbacks and online education has its fair share of problems. However, subjugating these problems is another possibility falling in the circle of edtech innovations. Floop is one common example of such a platform that educators have embraced for assigning homework to their students. At Edqour, we can pave the way for an entirely new and functional homework application that can revolutionize your style of teaching. These forms of the best e-learning tools allow you to assign the same questions to an entire batch. Moreover, you can also divide different modules for numerous classes and schedule the process of homework distribution after every class.

    Centralized System for Seamless Teacher-Student Communication

    The versatile development team at Edqour E-Learning specializes in resolving the intricacies of e-learning platforms. As leading professionals who have worked with successful projects in the past, we are aware of the convenience tutors look for. In addition to a broad range of e-learning modules, our clientele also relies on our custom LMS solutions. These are the services that cover centralized e-learning communication systems. We assist institutions to connect with their branches in different locations and sustain the flow of information without any potential disruption from outside sources. 

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